Born and raised on a backwater planet on the fringes of safe space, Freja always dreamed of adventure and danger.

After signing up with the military, she trained as a combat pilot and weapons expert, excelling at the tasks she put her mind to. At the same time, she failed every possible roll-call, inspection and show of respect to superior officers.

Eventually, Freja's abilities could no longer outweigh the importance of the people she pissed off. Dishonourably discharged, Freja offered her skills to the private sector in an unconventional way - by ripping off companies under the protection of security firms. After eventually being tracked down by one of these firms, she was offered employment as a 'Sec Runner' - a freelance pilot used to scout ahead of main security forces.

Freja lives and works aboard her ship, the Ouroboros. A single-berth heavily-modified light spacecraft which boasts state-of-the-art weaponry and facilities.

The surface of the planet is littered with roaming Prism security bots, apparently adhering to some decades-old programming. Determined to protect something which very well may no longer exist, they automatically shoot any living creature on sight.

While their frames are showing their age and their weaponry has become outdated, the Prism forces can still pose a serious threat to the unwary intruder. Particularly as they venture further into the forest, and closer to whatever's being protected...

The planet you find yourself on is host to more than it would at first appear. Held captive against their will, a host of dangerous – or endangered – species have been trapped beneath the surface of the planet for an untold amount of time.

After the systems that kept them contained were severely damaged, these disparate and volatile creatures suddenly found themselves free to explore their surroundings.

The local flora and fauna of the planet make up a deadly ecosystem.

Although initially less hostile than other adversaries, the native wildlife is fiercely territorial and will fight tooth and nail against anything that should violate their home.

Solus are the dominant native species on Kovus-18; a vicious and feral collective of bioluminescent insectoids, that makes any excursion on foot extremely hazardous.

In a constant battle for territory, their infestation continuously grows and recedes as foreign agents – including yourself – attempt to disrupt the Hive.

In the background, a further force is yet in play. Unknown, and potentially unknowable, the Onyx have been present on the planet since it was first charted. Their footprint is visible across the landscape, though encountering one of their number is another matter.

Their actions, and their intentions, remain shrouded in self-cultivated mystery.